Trending Now: Bold and Bright Fashion from Across the Pond


Tommy and I are back from our European vacation to Paris and Rome; the sights were definitely amazing, but the fashion was on point! Bright color and bold patterns are definitely big this spring/summer season and I noticed so many women in Europe are shedding the black and embracing vibrant colors. Whether it was pops of color in a jacket, skirt, fun flats or dresses, it is everywhere. Designers like Chanel called this trend during fashion week recently and you can definitely see it on the streets.

Tangerine palettes, florals, crochet and denim are also supposed to be a big hit so we will definitely be on the lookout for great finds. I also purchased some fun bright and airy tops and dresses from Zara and H&M on this trip, but TopShop has a really great collection out right now, like this tangerine slip dress.

So many exciting and fun styles and patterns are out right now and I can’t wait to experiment, stay tuned!

P.S. Speaking of pops of color, here is my latest product fixation… I am craving these beauties, check out YSL’s pop of color collection … Give me please!


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