Top Travel Essentials

I am getting ready for a trip to Italy pretty soon. In fact, I leave next week! I have been waiting for this trip for it seems like forever {ok, maybe just 8 months}, but I can’t believe its right around the corner. We will be spending a few days in Cinque Terre on the coast, then going to a Villa near Sierra for a week, then ending the trip with a quick two days in Rome. I can’t wait to share more of my trip with you soon, but today I wanted to share my top travel necessities in case any of you are planning a trip this fall or over the holidays. Traveling {and flying especially} can dry your skin and hair out, and misplacing things are easy to do if you aren’t organized. Below are my top faves for staying prepared, organized, hydrated, and looking great while you travel!


  1. Noise Cancelling Earphones | Whether it’s the constant dull hum of the plane noise or the kid three rows back screaming, all the ambient noise on planes can really mess with you. Keep your calm and block out all the noise with these noise-cancelling earphones. Lightweight and portable, they block out up to 90 % of background noise.
  2. Passport Cover | This genuine leather cover keeps your passport from getting bent or messed up. Plus its cute and comes in several different colors!
  3. Evian Face Mist | This water mist is perfect for re-hydrating skin after traveling. It cleanses and hydrates your face, which can get seriously dry from flying. It even helps keep makeup in place, doing double duty as a setting spray.
  4. Silk Scarf | I know what you are thinking…why a scarf? This is probably the most mutli-functional item you can have in your bag. Not only can it be used as just a regular scarf, but also works as a hair wrap, a shawl, or a beach cover up!
  5. Travel Jewelry Organizer | One thing I used to dread when traveling was opening up my bag and having to spend 10 minutes untangling all my jewelry. Not a problem anymore. This jewelry organizer has plenty of spots for your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Everything is kept organized and safe!
  6. Micellar Facial Wipes | Feeling a little gross after flying? These wipes remove makeup, grime, and oil in a pinch without drying your face.
  7. Tieks Foldable Flats | As much as I love heels, sometimes flats are necessary! It’s good to be prepared, and these flats fold up so that you can throw them in the smallest of purses. They are ultra comfy and you can basically take them anywhere.
  8. Portable Charger | Ever been down to 10% on your phone or laptop charger and somewhere to charge is no where to be found. It’s the worst feeling. With this little portable charger, you don’t ever have to worry about being disconnected ever again. This will give you a full charge on any device in a couple hours. Score!

Do you have any flying must-haves or items you can’t live without while traveling? Share with us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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