Fitness Motivation


Let’s be real…nothing makes me want to go exercise more than a cute new workout outfit. Well, that and pizza. I partially workout so that I can eat pizza. But exercising makes me feel healthy and helps me clear my mind. It is an important part of my lifestyle and if I go a week without working out I start to feel tired and not like myself. That being said, there are some times I really have to find the motivation to actually go to the gym or go for a run. It’s easy to want to quit when you workout for a couple weeks, feel like you are doing well, but then start to lose motivation. Here are three tips I use to get motivated and to make sure I am on the right track to staying healthy.

  1. It’s not about the scale. There is no magic number that everyone needs to reach. Everyone is different. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale and whether it goes down or not, focus on how you feel. Are your clothes fitting better? Do you feel better and have more energy? Do you notice a change? These are the things to focus on when you are lacking motivation or doubting if your fitness regimen is working. I’m not saying don’t weigh yourself at all, just don’t let that number rule you.
  2. Look at the small picture. Of course, your overall goals are important (and you should definitely set goals) but sometimes it is overwhelming to think about the larger goal. If you feel like you have a long way to go, that could cause you to lose motivation and feel like your goal is insurmountable. Instead of looking at the big picture, for the time being focus on smaller goals you set for yourself. You want to lose 20 lbs? Great. You want to run a 10K? Great. Without smaller goals, those tasks seem pretty big. But if you set yourself smaller goals of “I will workout three times this week” or “I will shave 20 seconds off my mile pace” its seems easier to get there. These add up, and before you know it you will be hitting your goal.
  3. Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life! Doing the same thing all the time can get boring. If you are bored, you are less likely to want to exercise. Switching up your workout is not only good for making your workout interesting, it’s also good for working parts your body that you don’t normally work. Cross-training is so good for you! If you are a runner, try a dance or kickboxing class. Are you a dedicated cycler? Try a Barre class. Weightlifting your thing? Give yoga a try! Mixing it up is a great way to stay interested in your workouts and keep you going.

Tell us your favorite way to stay motivated and stay on track over on Instagram or in the comments below. Hope everyone has a healthy and fun weekend!


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