3 Fall Beauty Trends to Try Now

For several seasons, we have been seeing a lot of the “no-makeup” makeup look. Natural looking hues, with some contouring and blush thrown in. For fall and winter this year, it is the opposite direction: there are tons of goth-romantic looks with daring and edgy colors. Here are three beauty looks we are eager to try out these coming months, along with some helpful tips.

Bold and Dark Lips

I know what you are thinking…’duh, of course you go darker for fall/winter!’ But we are not talking about going from nudes and pinky peaches to berries and soft reds. No way. This fall, a very bold, dark lip is what’s coming down the runway. Think dark (almost black) rouges, burgundy, and deep plums. It’s all about dramatic and impactful this fall/winter.

Not sure how to wear a dark lip? It’s simple. Keep them the center of attention and keep the rest of your makeup simple. A few tips:

-With darker colors, using a lip brush or pencil is also a good tip for perfect application, since darker colors tend to smudge easier and you DO NOT want that.

-Worried about how a dark shade will look? Test it out first! For fair ladies, go with a color with a pinky undertone. Darker skin tones look best with a blue or brown undertone.

-Wear with the right clothes. Dark lips look best with colors and fabrics that stand up to the bold look. Wearing summery colors or fabrics with dark lips can look costume-y.

Curls and Texture

No more sleek tresses or beachy waves. For fall and winter this year, it’s all about curls, curls, curls. Voluminous curls have been seen at almost every show this fall, and there is a good reason why. It’s so pretty and romantic! The soft curls have moved into a more voluminous and done up style. We love the big fun curls at Diane von Furstenberg and also the 1920’s brushed out curl look from Zac Posen. And braids are in bigtime…the more twisty and textured, the better.

It’s all about great texture and body. If you are like me (who has fine, stick straight hair) this can be a bit of a challenge to achieve. A few tools to help you:

-Healthy hair is the foundation for a good style. Use a deep conditioner once a week, especially when it is dry and cold outside.

-Use a thickening or volumizing root spray or mousse before you style.

-Blow dry with a round brush in sections. This will help lift and plump the roots of your hair, making sure you get it completely dry.

-Use hot rollers in place of a curling iron. This will help you get more volume closer to the root of your hair and will set that curl in place a little better. They are also a little less hot than a curling iron, so they don’t damage your hair as much. And finally don’t forget the hairspray!!

Artsy and Dramatic Liner

Not sure how many of the runway shows you have checked out, but there have been some extreme eyeliner looks! Big bold lines and colors are making a splash this fall. It’s all about intense color or pushing the boundaries with black liner. No easy does it, natural look here! Think more modern and graphic.

A few tips to help you pull off a bold eye this fall:

-If doing a dark eye, keep the rest of your makeup simple!

-Bright liner is fun, put not paired with clashing clothes. If you are rocking a teal liner, keep the rest of your look neutral or with complementary colors.

-Rock the boldest looks in the PM. We love it, but we don’t think your boss is going to understand the graphic liner trend.


Tell us below what you think about the current trends for Fall and Winter, and which ones you are excited to try out! We love to hear from you!


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